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      Mon. Schedule

Block 1     9:30-10:45     World History                                            

  10:30-11:45 (Littles Science)

Block  2    10:55-12:10  Creative

                                       Writing  II          Lunch       12:15-12:45

Block  3    12:50-2:05 


Block  4    2:15-4:15  Aquatic ROV                                                 Robotics

Jefferson  Park

       Wed. Schedule

Block 1    9:20-10:30    Japanese

Block 2   10:35-11:50    U.S History -post 1945

Lunch     12:00-12:40   We will try to get time in the gym and the FREE open swim is from 12-1:45)

Block 3   12:45-1:55     Home Ec/Life Skills

Block 4    2:00-3:30    Academic Writing


You can donate to your family or friend to help with their class fees. Please state which student you are donating to in the PayPal comments. The students family will be notified and credited. 

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