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About Us

​It took us over a year of searching to find ideal spaces (in safe neighborhoods near a train stop) for Chicago Tween and Teen Homeschoolers to come together and learn. We believe in listening to the needs and desires of the children and creating an atmosphere for them to grow, learn and share. With a combination of enriched classes and workshops we hope to cultivate that love of learning.


We will host events and volunteer for community service projects and local partnerships in the neighborhood. We hope to "Pay it Forward" and enforce good values and community all around.



We are a co-operative non-profit community not for-profit. Our families are important to us and we will try to be fair and honest and find ways for everyone to afford enriched academic classes in a safe environment for their children ages 10 to 18.

We are secular, we are equal to all, peace, love, and LGBT.

We will also share information for high school and college readiness, transcript advice, and other tidbits from wise parents who have been through it and survived. 


As with all homeschool groups we will require everyone to fill out waivers and adhere to the code of conduct which just asks everyone to treat everyone else as you would like to be treated. No name calling, bullying, swearing, inappropriate behavior or violence. 
Students over 13 can attend on their own. (We are near the Blue Line train and  bus lines) We will have adults present on site volunteering. Students under 13 are required to have a guardian present or another adult who will sign a waiver of responsibility for the child.  
Since we are a co-operative.....we would like families to help out and volunteer.  You can call them jobs, chores, or volunteering but we can use teens and adults to help sweep up, clean,  be a teacher assistant, etc. If you can't help out during class days perhaps volunteer for an event or in helping our location site with something they need.


Our insurance is standard general and accidental/medical which is required by most facilities to rent.

Past classes that we have offered: Anthropology, AP English Lit., AP Art History, Environmental Biology, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Cellular Biology, Anatomy/Physiology, Psychology, Philosophy,  Movie making, Japanese, French, Woodwork, Creative Writing, Essay Writing, Research Writing, Music Theory/Ensemble, US History,  World History, Debate......

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